Linders Deluxe Dry Cleaning: Give Your Garments Something Extra!

  • For expert results, all garments are inspected
  • All stains are identified and treated
  • With attention to every detail, garments are soft pressed to perfection
  • Missing/broken buttons and minor repairs are made at no extra charge
  • For Special Couture Garments, Gentle hand cleaning is available

Dry Cleaning

We are a true French Cleaner and take great pride in properly attending to your garments by adhering to our cleaning procedures detailed below:

  • All garments received are inspected and pre-spotted, if necessary, before cleaning.
  • All delicate buttons are covered
  • All fancy items are cleaned in a net bag
  • All whites are cleaned only with white garments.
  • All care labels are read, and carefully adhered to.
  • All garments are soft pressed with attention to every detail.
  • Buttons are replaced as needed and any other minor repairs are done at no extra cost.
  • All garments are packaged with extra care.
  • Jackets get tissue in the sleeves and a custom molded shoulder guard in the shoulder area to hold the jacket nicely in your closet long after it’s been cleaned.
  • Hand cleaning available for beaded and couture clothing.
  • Additionally, all blouses, dresses and sport shirts are packaged with tissue paper and extra care

Shirt Laundry

Shirts are professionally laundered with three different levels of starch available. This process is ideal for preparing shirts for travel or if your short on space, shirts can be folded or hung for your convenience.

Attention is given to the finest details

  • All shirts are laundered and sorted by color.
  • All collars and cuffs are pre-scrubbed as needed.
  • Colored shirts, plaids, etc. are done in cold water only.
  • Shirts are only air-dried and never put in dryers to greatly
    reduce the possible of shrinkage.
  • All shirts are touched up by hand; buttons will be replaced as needed.
  • Shirts are packaged with butterflies in the collar.
  • All french cuffs are folded.

Table Linen Service

Holiday aftermath can cause anyone to go into a panic.

Have your tablecloths, napkins, and place settings cleaned and looking perfect for your get-togethers. We’ve got your table coverings covered.

Heavenly Sheets

You will love the five-star hotel-like experience each night you climb into bed! With Linder’s, you can rest assured your sleep will be heavenly!

Suede and Leather Cleaning

Keeping Your Jackets,
and Coats Looking Luxurious!
Trust Linders to keep your specialty items looking their best for years to come.

Uggs Cleaning Services

Mud stains, dye from your jeans and water spots can all be expertly removed. Preservation treatments are also available. Uggs — “Like
New” again!

Shoe Repair

Putting Your Best Foot Forward!
Recommended by both Coach and Fendi, our shoe experts can accommodate simple cleaning and polishing, as well as sole and heel replacements, luggage and handbag repairs.

Fur Storage

Be Fur-Sure!
Fur- Fashionistas have trusted Linders to store their furs in climate and humidity controlled luxury! Specialized Cleaning, Repair and Glazing also available.

Full Tailoring Services

Fits the
Whole Family!
From Slacks to Suits, Evening Gowns to Blazers; if you need it repaired or adjusted with attention to detail and personal fit- Linders is Sew Right!

Household Cleaning (Drapery)

Household Cleaning: We can clean, sanitize and refresh your couch covers, pillow covers, comforters and bed spreads. Your household goods will be returned fresh and dust fre

Wedding Gown Preservation

Wedding Gown Preservation: Every Detail is Given Special Attention Your gown is hand cleaned and then air-dried. Stains are removed or neutralized to halt deterioration.

Our “Museum Quality” process involves packing the gown in layers of acid-free tissue and then it is placed in an acid-free, sulfur-free box. The box is lined with a muslin sling to stabilize humidity. The box, which is designed specifically for the Smithsonian Institution, will preserve the gown for generations.

Outdoor Cushion Cleaning

Keep your outdoor cushions fresh and mildew free with Linder’s Cushion Cleaning Service. Your Patio furniture is exposed to moisture, allergens and dirt. Over time sitting on them can become less than relaxing! One call to Linder’s Cleaners and you will be sitting pretty again!

Household Items

Nothing compares to our Sanitizing Services for duvet covers, comforters and other household items! Allergens and germs don’t stand a chance!

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