Serving the needs of our customers includes our Home Delivery Service. Pick-up of new orders and drop off of completed orders make it more convenient for you.
Our fleet of five vans ensures that your request will be responded to in a timely manner.

Our Pick-up and Delivery Service is a simple process:

  • We provide a garment bag and itemized ticket form. (Our bags are water-resistant.)
  • We will even call you the evening before before as a reminder to leave out your bag.
  • Fill-out the ticket form and put your clothes in the bag.
  • Place the bag in a pre-designated spot.
  • Your order will be billed directly to your credit card. There is no reason for you to be home for the pick-up.
  • You can always still utilize our over-the-counter in the store service.

You can utilize this service for any service provided by Linder’s French Cleaners, such as shoe repair, tailoring, etc.

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